Belgium : join Patrick Haeck lawsuit agains the Watchtower!

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Belgium : join Patrick Haeck lawsuit agains the Watchtower! Empty Belgium : join Patrick Haeck lawsuit agains the Watchtower!

Message par Admin le Ven 27 Mar - 21:01

Dear friends,

Behind the scenes, a lot of work and a lot of investments have been realized with a view on the proper filing of a lawsuit before criminal court against Jehovah’s Witnesses in Belgium and because of their shunning policy following on being disfellowshipped (DF). And yes! We are completely ready to launch it.

How can you help?
By talking about your DF experiences! Both Belgian histories and histories from abroad ARE acceptable. Tell the judge about … :

- You have been disfellowshipped and you’ve lost friends, family, … got a depression … something really bad happened to you as a result of DF… you feel abandoned …
- You are a non-JW having some contact with someone disfellowshipped and you instantly received your part of shunning
- Your partner/son/daughter/friend became a JW and contact was disturbed or broken because you opposed the JW doctrine
- You are one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and you were separated from your children because of their being disfellowshipped
- You are homo, gay, lesbian, … and you were disfellowshipped for outing. If so, tell about the impact this had on your JW friends. Even if you didn’t out yourself and you’re not DF yet, it can be useful to talk about your fear for the impact of being DF.
- You were in an impossible relationship and you broke up. You have a new (girl)friend and as a result were DF. Or you don’t talk about her/him because you fear the impact of being DF on your social life.
- You were molested as a child en later on DF for slander because you talked about what happened to you. You were emotionally and psychologically that broken that a normal intimate life in a normal relationship became impossible. As a result, you were DF …
- You were a teenager and experimented with ‘forbidden things’ for which you were DF
- You were DF as a result from false accusations by 2 witnesses
- …

Next to the above stories, it’s very easy to put lots of names. You would be surprised to learn how many cruel stories I could hear and how many are still hidden. NO! You are NOT alone! You will only feel alone if you decide not to talk about it. So, please, come forward!

High ranked people in the Belgian judicial world were moved to insist on us to go on with this lawsuit, only because they could have an eye on our file containing some stories and a lot of proves that were printed by Jehovah’s Witnesses several times a year. The weight of the lawsuit depends on the amount of stories telling that shunning is not only a printed matter, but a forced and realistic matter.

Yes, you will need a Belgian lawyer. For that reason, 100 € can be transferred. My lawyers are completely drilled in the JW-stuff and your story has just to be connected to the file and cover the costs for the deposit of your complaint. If 100 € is a problem for you, please let me know. I’m happy to cover the costs myself, but you will understand if only 100 stories contain this message, I’ll be in trouble. As far as you do not ask my lawyers, who become your lawyers too after paying 100 €, to render any supplementary service, most probably this will remain the only cost for you. But, of course, feel free to contact them as soon as there is a need to do so.

Are you legally bound by paying 100 € or by filling out the forms attached to this message? No! With a simple telephone call or email to me, you can stop any cooperation immediately.

Is it allowed to transfer more than 100 €? Absolutely! Filling out the forms is not even required. The bank account mentioned in the forms is exclusively dedicated to the lawsuit. By simple request, anybody who donated money can check what happened with that money. For this, ALL payments to the court or the lawyers will be exclusively executed by bank transfer and never cash. Every payment will be documented by an invoice or a court decision. Transparency is very important to all of us.

Will we win this lawsuit?
If I knew the answer to this question, I would tell you immediately. But no, I’m not sure for 100%. In court you never know what will be the outcome. But, just to inform you, we have a very strong record making my lawyers having ‘twinkling eyes’ and a strong desire to plea the case.

Will your name be announced?
Not if you object. In that case, we will withhold your story to the court and not deposit it as a complaint. But, if our lawyers deposit your forms than your name is known. The record is not immediately accessible for the counterpart, but once the lawsuit is brought to court, they will see your name.
NO names will be communicated to the press. The press will be informed about the ground of the complaint, but without mentioning the victims’ names. The press will only know your name if you tell them so by going to the press yourself or by joining me on a press event. Filling out the forms in attachment is no license to me to reveal your name nor to reveal your story.

When will be the launch of the procedure before criminal court? If we deposit the complaint this month yet, and after proper research and investigation, we think it will be within 2 years.

If you have any questions or you need more explanation, please come back to me!

Can I await your story and contribution?

And to end with a cliché: UNITY IS STRENGTH !

Kind regards,

PS: Don’t hesitate to transfer/share this mail. There are no secrets hidden in it
Sorry for any mistakes in my English … If something is not clear (enough), please PM me

The only condition is: you need to have a link with Belgium. This means e.g. your mother/brother/uncle is living in Belgium and (s)he is shunning you because of your being DF. If such is the case, and you want to join the complaint, you'll need a lawyer. Because my lawyers know the whole thing, they offer to be your lawyer as well for 100 €. The defence is exactly the same, because we are fighting the treatment of DF ex members. And if you have 1 or 100 cases, the principle remains the same.
Anyhow, if you want to tell your story and you have NO link with Belgium, please, do not hesitate to write it down. We can include ALL stories to prove our point. It is not because you can't be civil party, you can't give weight to this case.

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