Belgium : lawsuit of Jacques Lejeune against the Watchtower

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Belgium : lawsuit of Jacques Lejeune against the Watchtower Empty Belgium : lawsuit of Jacques Lejeune against the Watchtower

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Important message from the FECRIS - European Federation of Centres of Research and Information on Cults and Sects :
This is a call for testimonials. People who testify will do so in their language and won't have to go to Belgium, they have nothing to pay.
If you know people who were disfellowshipped and who are prepared to witness the horror of that discrimination that is a direct attack of their fundamental rights (this amounts to prevent people from freedom of changing religion), people who want this system to change, then perhaps they would be willing to fill out the attached form.
We assume that you have all heard of Jacques Lejeune Briefly: he was a Jehovah's witness and an accountant, and as part of his work he had to dealt with a case concerning two Jehovah's Witnesses. As his speech disturbed, he was disfellowshipped by the Jehovah's Witnesses in Belgium in 2002. He decided then to sue the organization in Belgium for violation of freedom of religion because of the ostracism associated with their disfellowshipping policies...
Case details and attached modus operandi.
You could therefore prepare (script) these testimonials in your language, scan it, and scan your identity card or passport, and send them in the first place:
and the original "paper" to:
Linette street 29
NEUPRE 4122, Belgium
Jacques must deposit all its documents by 30 September. It is therefore important that it receives them until 22 September (even a few days after).



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